Learn About Energy

Learn About Nutrients

When did it start?

  • 2005 - The work involved in collating research and methodology began.
  • 2006 - Daily Intake Guide labels appear on first food and drink products.

Why this approach?

  • Recognition of overweight and obesity issue - the food industry can play a positive role in helping consumers
  • Lack of consumer understanding about food composition and its relationship to energy balance
  • Difficulties with the nutrition information panel
  • Rise of the health conscious consumer
  • Consumers in the UK and Europe confused by the array of different formats and messages - wanted to get it right for Australians

Why Daily Intake?

  • It's about empowering consumers so that they can make an informed choice
  • Provides information not judgements - consumers have control
  • 2005 Industry Nutrition & Health Strategy
    • More prominently display energy per serve and, where possible, the proportion of daily intake this represents
    • Serving size principles

Guiding Principles

  • Consistent with the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code
  • Applicable to Australia and New Zealand
  • Voluntary
  • Supported by science
  • Can be used on all categories of foods
  • Positive approach
  • Easy for consumers to access nutrition information